EduFootprint Plus – News n. 1

EduFootprint Plus – News n. 1

EduFootprint Plus
EduFootprint Plus, a key project for improving energy and resources management in public buildings
Consorzio Oltrepò Mantovano is a Public Body whose members are small and medium sized Municipalities (19) located in the southern area of the Mantova province, a rural area called “Oltrepò Mantovano”.

Consorzio Oltrepò Mantovano has promoted, over the last 10 years, the adhesion of its member Municipalities to the Covenant of Mayors and is carrying out the «Strategic Development Plan of Oltrepò Mantovano 2021-2027» to identify priorities and actions to be carried out at territorial level in different fields.

Among the «Strategic Development Plan of Oltrepò Mantovano 2021-2027», under the topic «Energy/Environment/Waste management» COM is planning to realize a Joint SECAP involving all member Municipalities and the Edufootprint Project can be the opportunity to share some relevant methodologies to improve the results of the SECAP actions and monitor efficency levels.


COM, with the support of Ambiente Italia, will help fostering the EduFootprint Plus approach at local, national and transnational level, supporting the transferring of EduFootprint Plus tools in one public building, the middle school “Dante Alighieri” belonging to the Municipality of Pegognaga.


The middle school is part of the “Comprehensive Institute of Pegognaga” that includes also one kindergarten and one primary school under the same administrative organization. The Comprehensive Institute has more than 500 students and about 30 classes, while the middle school “Dante Alighieri” has 196 students in 10 classes (for an average of 19 students per class).

Scuola Media Alighieri PegognagaThe middle school “Dante Alighieri” has been selected as COM pilot building to test the Edufootprint Plus calculator aimed at making stakeholders aware of its environmental footprint. To this regard, Pegognaga’s Mayor Mr. Matteo Zilocchi states that “the opportunity to join Edufootprint Plus as pilot Municipality is, at the same time, an honor and a challenge for our territory. To test innovative tools and solution in the field of RES is of a great opportunity, since the Municipality is committed (together with all other COM Municipalities) to achieve the objectives that we fixed in the «Strategic Development Plan of Oltrepò Mantovano 2021-2027». To this extent, it is of the utmost importance to learn new tools and acquire new skills in our joint path toward the energy transition of the whole Oltrepò Mantovano area. Moreover, we decided to involve as pilot building our middle school, since we think that its young students (and their families) can positively benefit from the dissemination and awareness raising activities foreseen by the project”.

piazza matteotti pegognaga
Pegognaga – City Hall

During the Edufootprint Plus Project COM will ensure also the involvement of other municipalities of the area with mainstreaming activities: Municipalities of Gonzaga, Quistello, Sermide e Felonica and Suzzara are involved as Associated Partners, and will directly benefit from the project activities. COM is committed also to disseminate the results of Edufootprint Plus and the pilot building experience to all its 19 member Municipalities.

Together with partners of Efficient Buildings Community and Ambiente Italia, COM will coordinate the EduFootprint final transnational event and will foster the use of Edufootprint tools involving the Horizontal community of Efficient Buildings.
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EduFootprint Plus